To the Editor: Voting Integrity

October 19, 2016

To the Editor,

As CEO of Granite State Independent Living, and having spent a life time working to promote independent living for people with disabilities, I’m writing to share with you and your readers my experiences over the years working with many election officials. In New Hampshire and across the country I have been most impressed with their commitment to the integrity and security of the electoral process.

I have served in the role of advocate to improve polling place accessibility to all, including instituting a mechanism allowing private voting for individuals who were blind or otherwise unable to mark a paper ballot independently. While those election officials and I did have our differences, at their core was an integrity and commitment to protect the security of the process. Their challenge was not an easy one. On one hand they had the obligation to make sure all eligible voters could vote, and on the other hand they had to assure that only eligible voters voted.

We should acknowledge that in the greatest democracy in the world this predominantly local process, which involves thousands who are often volunteers, is the envy of the world. We should thank all those involved for their willingness to adhere to the high standards that have protected our democracy for centuries. Any inference to the contrary is pure fiction and irresponsible.

Let us recognize and honor these individuals and vote on November 8.


Clyde E. Terry
Granite State Independent Living, Chief Executive Officer

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