College for America

Two New Benefits For GSIL Care Attendants

1. An affordable college degreethat will fit your lifestyle and your budget!

GSIL is excited to announce our partnership with College for America! This is a unique college and certificate program through Southern New Hampshire University. Individuals can only participate in this program if their employer is a sponsor of it, for it is only open to working adults. GSIL has chosen to sponsor this program because it offers some very attractive features, including:

  • No entrance testing requirements
  • Easy application
  • Full online college experience
  • Support of a coach in your area of study
  • Project-based instead of traditional tests and exams
  • Transferable credits
  • Best of all, the cost for our employees that enroll before July 1 is $1,250 for their first six months. After July 1, 2016 the tuition does go up to $1,500 every six months, but that is still a great value.

In addition to having a coach through the college, Maureen Whittemore, who you know from GSIL’s registry work, will help support your success by encouraging you every step of the way.

College for America Webinar

2. Tuition reimbursementto support your professional growth!

To coincide with the College for America partnership, GSIL is also offering a new tuition reimbursement program for our attendant care workforce! Tuition reimbursement will be available for up to twenty GSIL attendant care workers and non-corporate employees per year, with the ability for you to receive $250.00 of tuition reimbursement every 6 months (must meet eligibility requirements). This funding can also be used for other college and certificate opportunities related to GSIL’s mission. Note that the tuition reimbursement is capped and those applying quickly will have the better chance to participate. Once we reach our cap, those who did not make the first twenty will be put on a waiting list for future opportunities. The ability to offer this affordable educational opportunity with tuition reimbursement to all GSIL attendant care workers interested in advancing their education with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, an LNA or other certificate opportunities related to GSIL’s mission. is paramount to our belief that the professional development of our workforce is one of the keys to our success: When you succeed, we succeed! Learn more or apply for College for America:

Please consider taking advantage of these 2 opportunities. Continuing your education is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family!

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