Lives are changed every day at Granite State Independent Living (GSIL). There is nothing more powerful than hearing inspirational words of strong individuals through published testimonials.

Here are some of the wonderful things we hear every day from the people we serve:

Hazel smiling with her care taker

“(GSIL) Is one of the best things that has happened to me, I appreciate my worker(s), and the services that I receive to help me day to day.” - Hazel, receives GSIL Senior Care

Jenny smiling with her dog

“Knowing that when you wake up in the morning, someone is going to bethere and someone is going to come right at that time that they’re supposed to… it’s a safe, very safe feeling. If we didn’t have GSIL, I don’t know what else there would be.” - Jenny, receives GSIL Personal Care

Tim looking off camera

“GSIL and the NHNSCIA services they offered me were a big part of why I was able to get back on my own and living independently in the community. With all the physical and medical challenges that I had to overcome in all my years so far… they helped me help myself.” - Tim, receives GSIL Peer Support

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