I would be lost without my ACE Barbara, she is dependable, goes above and beyond and helps me so I can live in my apartment safely.
Dennis B. - Chocorua, NH
"GSIL is not only an organization that offers significant services but a family of professionals who work with compassion, integrity, and humility.”
Ed Costa
Board of Directors Member

"I would like to acknowledge GSIL for their exemplary work ... and thank them for supporting me through my journey to return to work."

“Having Jennifer as my go between has brought me such comfort..”
Bertha S.
“The tools, compassion and passion to serve others is what makes GSIL a great organization.”
John L.
I am very happy with GSIL.  My coordinator Shannon, treats me like a human, giving me praise and reinforcement, that I am doing a wonderful job running my Consumer Directed program.  
Dennis B. - Chocorua, NH
“I am genuinely appreciative that I got to take this class and I would recommend it to anyone who is having trouble in school.”
Wade B.
“IMPACCT is a great opportunity to learn about real life stuff, useful knowledge and helps you figure out what you want to do with your life.”
Rajah H.
“The skills they have taught me have helped a lot. My biggest accomplishment is being a team leader.”
"I feel like IMPACCT accepts you for who you are, they only focus on the positive instead of the negative.” 
“I can’t say how grateful I am. Now I come and go as I please. I am really enjoying my newfound independence.”
Cathy Sicard
“I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.Thank you for helping me in getting some of my dignity back.”
Harley Hunkler
“As a GSIL BOD member, I’m proud to interface with other caring professionals.”
Mike Byrne
Board of Directors Member
“Thanks for your help in us getting the ramp. I cannot believe all the freedom this has offered the both of us.”
James and Susan Fontaine
“I have seen GSIL's extremely dedicated and caring aides, staff and leadership always striving to promote an independent lifestyle for those living with disabilities."
Ken Traum
GSIL Treasurer