Should my mom still live alone

Should My Mom Still Live Alone?

We all want our parents to be safe, comfortable and happy, but many times we aren’t sure how to help make that a reality.

Do you see your mom every day? What about your father-in-law? They say they want to live alone rather than moving into a nursing home, but when you aren’t able to see them daily, it’s difficult to know whether they are living well.

And on top of that, it’s a sensitive subject. It’s certainly not an easy conversation to talk about aging and their long term care plan. They may get angry, deny the issues or even make the “I must be having a senior moment” joke. Worst of all, when this happens nothing gets resolved. You continue to worry about worst case situations and may feel more lost than ever on how to assess the situation or how to honor their wishes while keeping them safe.

At Granite State Independent Living (GSIL), we understand these common challenges and are dedicated to helping families struggling through these difficult situations.

Our Registered Nurses and Service Coordinators have extensive experience providing assessments that support your loved ones lifestyle. GSIL staff can help you determine the areas where your loved one may need support in their day-to-day activities, like bathing, grooming and grocery shopping. Typically it can be a lot easier and more comfortable for a professional to come in and ask these questions, opposed to a close family member.

Everyone has an opportunity to state their thoughts and all questions are answered. Our staff will work with you and your family member to create a senior care plan that will keep your loved one safe and give you some peace of mind.

One of today’s popular senior care recommendations is the new “Quite Comfort” Technology Solution. Sensors are placed within the home to help individuals and families determine if the important activities of daily living are still happening. For instance, if your mom is always up by 8 AM, the Quiet Comfort bed sensor can be set so it sends you a text message at 10:00 AM letting you know your loved one is still in bed. Giving your mom a quick call will let you know that they are okay or that they may need help.

By monitoring activity, Quiet Comfort helps you notice small changes in routine or behaviors, so little problems don’t become big ones. From bed monitors to motion sensors to door sensors or call pendents, these in-home senior care solutions can track wellness in valuable ways because when any individuals’ habits change, it may be a sign that they are declining for some reason.

We are here to help you determine if your loved one is living well or how we can better their comfort, safety and support system. Contact GSIL today by calling our Information & Referral team at (603) 228-9680 or

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