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GSIL developed the ICO program several years ago as an option for private pay consumers who wanted to hire Attendant Care Employees, however, did not want the hassle of payroll, insurance and taxes. 

The ICO program is ideal for private pay consumers who have staff to hire. It allows the consumer the flexibility of paying their ACE whatever wage they choose.  GSIL then bills the consumer 37% of the hourly rate and becomes the employer of record.  As employer of record GSIL handles all payroll duties (issues checks, takes care of payroll taxes) and provides both workers compensation and liability insurance. A GSIL coordinator is also assigned to assist with creating a care plan and help the consumer or their appointee to oversee the program.

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The ICO program is also a great fit for private pay consumers who do not have staff to hire.  In this case GSIL still provides the payroll duties as well as worker’s compensation and liability insurance, however GSIL will also assist in the recruitment and hiring process for $100 per employee.

By utilizing ICO program, consumers can get their needs met without the bother of payroll and insurance issues.

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