50+ NH Businesses Host Local IMPACCT Students

Community businesses work to connect the classroom to career paths for students with disabilities. Concord, NH – Businesses and organizations throughout New Hampshire are stepping up to provide structured work-based learning opportunities for local at-risk high school students with disabilities. These experiences are designed to facilitate career exploration, support skill development and align students with … Continue reading 50+ NH Businesses Host Local IMPACCT Students

Fall 2017 Graduations

We are pleased to announce that another group of hardworking students will be graduating from our IMPACCT student transition program over the next two weeks… and you are invited to share in their success! Come celebrate with us at your local IMPACCT graduation: Claremont IMPACCT Graduation Thursday, January 18, 2018 @ 12:00 PM River Valley Community College, Library 1 College … Continue reading Fall 2017 Graduations

3 Ways to Manage Stress as You Age

“I’m so stressed, I can’t wait to retire.” We’ve all thought it, right? Some might think that being retired means that one faces hardly any stress. After all, people must work long hours for several years before they are allowed the privilege of retirement. However, retirement is not stress-free relaxation all day long. Stress can still … Continue reading 3 Ways to Manage Stress as You Age

How to Interview the Right Way

Interviewing for a new job is always a little nerve racking, at least for most of us. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret to make things easier – The interviewer is really only considering two aspects: 1.  Your capability to get the job done; 2.  Your ability to fit in the work environment. … Continue reading How to Interview the Right Way