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NCES Ramps Up Accessibility

North Country Environmental Services (NCES) builds an accessible solution for a community member in need.

For a person in a manual or power wheelchair, a single step can be the difference between entering a building and having to wait outside. Like many New Hampshire residents facing mobility challenges, Groveton resident Russell Angel found himself struggling to access not only public establishments, but even parts of his own home.

Russell’s garage doorstep was just a few inches from the ground, which might as well be a hundred feet in the air when you’re using a power chair. This single step cut off Russell’s entire access to his own garage. Determined to be able to utilize this private space, Russell reached out to Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) asking for help.

For two years, GSIL’s Statewide Home Care Director, Donna Potter, worked tirelessly in search of an affordable, realistic solution. That’s when she found North Country Environmental Services (NCES).

“When Donna described the situation it was apparent me what the client needed and I had a pretty good idea how to fix the problem,” says Kevin Roy, Division Manager of Casella Waste Systems, Inc. “To be honest, we really didn’t think about it very long. Someone in the community needed help and we had a solution.”

Within a few weeks, NCES was able to build and install a sturdy 3”x3” ramp out of a strong metal material. On average, professionally-built ramps can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, making similar projects unaffordable for many in need. Thanks to the generosity of NECS, Russell received this invaluable ramp at no charge.

“I am so very grateful for the kindhearted nature of Kevin Roy and his staff at NCES, who assisted with improving the lives of those who are disabled,” says Russell. “Particularly by providing me with a ramp that increases my independence.”

Independent living relies heavily on the physical accessibility of the home and the community. Thanks to GSIL friends and partners, such as NCES, New Hampshire can continue to work towards equal access and opportunity for all.

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