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How to Interview the Right Way

Interviewing for a new job is always a little nerve racking, at least for most of us. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret to make things easier – The interviewer is really only considering two aspects:

1.  Your capability to get the job done;

2.  Your ability to fit in the work environment.

To assess how well you fulfill these two criterion, the interviewer will ask you those typical “interview questions”. As you construct your responses, take your time and form answers in a way that will address these two critical areas of judgment.

With that in mind, how might you answer the following typical questions?

1.  “Tell me about yourself”.  With this basic request, consider it an opportunity to share what you have done or know about the job and why you are a great choice for the position.  It also opens the door to adding how your work characteristics and skills will add value to that company’s team or their job-related needs. Do not assume that everyone is a responsible team player or that everyone knows that you are reliable and work well in difficult situations. Give the interviewer that information as part of your response.

Possible Response: “I could imagine myself as a shift manager utilizing my prior experience in supervision and my new knowledge about our company’s customer needs.”

2.  “Where do you want to be in 5 years?”  Your answer needs to affirm that you want to be right there at that company.  Certainly in a more challenging position or contributing in different positive ways.  It also allows you share what you can add to their work environment.

Possible Response: “I could imagine myself as a shift manager utilizing my prior experience in supervision and my new knowledge about our company’s customer needs.”

3.  A creative interviewer might ask, “What did your coworkers find most irritating about you?” This is really only a creative twist to the age-old question, “What is your greatest weakness?”  While annoying, you should prepare and deliver a reply that is relevant and responsive to the role you are applying for.

Possible Response: “I would never allow a shipment out of our facility without one last check on the quality and/or conformity to the original order… everyone else just wanted to go home.” 

4.  Another question often asked, although packaged sometimes in different words: “What are your strengths?” or alternatively, “Why should we hire you?” Remember, the interviewer just wants to know that you can do the job and that you will fit in.

Possible Response: “I am courteous, kind, cheerful…” No! Do not fall into the trap of just listing a couple of characteristics of a good person. Try to think of requirements of the position that you are applying for as you report your personal characteristics, and demonstrate that you play well with others.

5.  What if the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” This is much more important question than you think and can often be your opportunity to be the winning candidate. If you have researched the company prior to the interview (and you certainly should have), you can ask questions that demonstrate your research.

Possible Response: “What are the company’s plans for growth?” Another option is to ask the interviewer how the position you are applying for plays a part in the company’s success. Then, answer how you feel you can contribute to that.

The last bit of advice is to practice your answers to these and 10-12 other possible questions.  Running over the answers multiple times can really help improve them and secure the thoughts in your head for easier retrieval on the day of the interview.

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