Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) offers a variety of ways to invest in a cause meaningful to you.

By Cause

Your charitable gift can be earmarked for the cause that has the most meaning to you. Granite State Independent Living works tirelessly for several causes which include helping at-risk students create more promising futures, helping people with disabilities be independent, and helping seniors live safely and comfortably at home and in the community. Simply select the cause of your choice when you fill out the Donate form or explore success stories from several of the causes we support onĀ our blog.

Monthly Giving

A regular charitable gift to Granite State Independent Living can be conveniently scheduled on a recurring basis. Your donation is effective because it provides steady and predictable gift at a cost substantially lower than traditional fundraising efforts. You will be supporting services for people with disabilities, seniors and at-risk students throughout New Hampshire. This method is convenient because your donation can be deducted automatically from your bank account or credit card. Simply select the recurring payment option that works for you on the Donate Now page.

Planned Giving

Charitable gifts help you meet your current philanthropic goals and extend your generosity well into the future. But did you know that a planned gift can also protect your assets, provide for your family, and guarantee you income for life? You can even make a significant impact through a gift that costs nothing in your lifetime (through a charitable bequest under your will). Contact us today to learn how you can contribute to the lives of seniors, people with disabilities, and at-risk students in New Hampshire.