With Quiet Comfort, you will now have a sense of how your loved ones day is going without you being there!

Quiet Comfort provides notices to families and reminders to individuals for everyday activities, allowing seniors and people with disabilities to live comfortably, safely and independently in their own homes.

Examples of Notifications You Can Receive:Quiet Comfort cell phone notification

  • Up and About – If there has been a long period of no activity at home.
  • Away from Bed – If someone leaves the bed for a long period of time and doesn’t return.
  • Still in Bed – If the bed sensor is still occupied at an unusual time.
  • Safe Inside – If an exterior door is opened at an unusual time.
  • Sensor Activity – If a door, window, or cabinet opens/closes.
  • Missed Medication or Sensor Not Activated – If a sensor (e.g. medication cabinet door sensor) is not activated during a specified timeframe.
  • *From bed monitors to motion sensors to door sensors or call pendants, these solutions can track wellness in valuable ways.

When you sign-up for Quiet Comfort Solutions, you will also receive monthly phone consultations with GSIL and 60-day in-person visits from the GSIL RN Coordinator to assess activity and determine if the current living situation is meeting the needs of you and your loved ones.

This low cost, non-intrusive service will help give individuals & families the peace of mind they deserve.