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Finished the shopping?

Cooked the meals?

Lit the candles?

Bought the bubbly?

Given the gift of independence?
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“He knows if you’ve been bad or good,” and you’ve been very, very good.

Thanks to your past support, GSIL has served thousands of individuals with disabilities. You have helped them achieve their goals of independence. Sam, a 64 year old Vietnam Vet was languishing in a nursing home, until you helped him get home in time for the holidays. David found work in October, and could host his family Hannukah meal. And before the snow flew and he was stuck in his home all winter, Jim’s porch was repaired to continue bearing the weight of his wheelchair lift.

The work of GSIL does change lives. Your generous donation will support this vital work and make a direct, positive impact on someone today. So be good for goodness sake and make a donation today at and you will truly make a difference.


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