Clyde Terry by Audi's Self-Driving Car

First Blind Driver of Audi’s Self-Driving Car

On July 12th, Clyde Terry, Chief Executive Officer of Granite State Independent Living (GSIL), will help make the public debut of Audi’s self-driving prototype by operating the hands-free vehicle through the nation’s capital.

Clyde, recently elected Chairperson of the National Council on Disability (NCD), has been legally blind since birth. As the first blind driver to operate Audi’s autonomous vehicle, “Jack” (pictured above), he will be driving past the Pentagon to show the impact that autonomous vehicles will have on the independence of people with disabilities.

These vehicles are expected to open up a world of opportunity, including better access to jobs and community resources, reducing social isolation and increasing general independence.

“Autonomous vehicles have the potential to become an essential component of their independence, economic development and well-being,” says Terry. “We live in an exciting time when anything is possible.”

Want to learn more about self-driving cars? In November 2015, NCD published “Self-Driving Cars: Mapping Access to a Technology Revolution”, which reviewed current technology, regulatory considerations, scientific and political obstacles in the development of self-driving cars. The agency also made recommendations for preventing or eliminating those barriers, including model legislative language.

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