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NHTI Disability Awareness Events - photos column

Tuesday, January 31Inspirational Presentation by Nick Scott, Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder

When Nick Scott was only 16 years old, he was involved in a near fatal traffic accident. After his injury and loss of mobility, he gained weight and almost lost hope. But today, you would not recognize him as that person. As a professional bodybuilder, Nick now travels around the country as a 2-time World Powerlifting Champion, Paralympian, public speaker and personal trainer.

On Tuesday (1/31), Nick will be coming to New Hampshire to spread his message of self-empowerment to the Concord community as we kick of NHTI’s week of disability awareness. Join us in the NHTI Wellness Center Gym at noon on 1/31 to hear Nick Scott’s amazing transformation story as he speaks on, “Embrace Failure as the Path to Success”. There will be a short meet and greet following the presentation.


Wednesday, February 1NHTI Wheelchair Obstacle Course

NHTI will continue the week’s events with a small wheelchair obstacle course on Wednesday (2/1) from noon-3pm in the Wellness Center Gym. Students, faculty and community members will have the opportunity to sit in an athletic wheelchair and attempt to maneuver and navigate through a series of small challenges.


Thursday, February 2 NHTI Wheelchair Basketball Benefit

The final event is, of course, the 15th Annual NHTI and GSIL Wheelchair Basketball Benefit on Thursday, (2/2) from 4-5pm. With GSIL’s Hoops on Wheels 2017 just around the corner, this is a great chance to get a feel for wheelchair basketball and the spirit of raising awareness of disability and inclusion throughout New Hampshire.

Come by the NHTI Wellness Center to see GSIL staff and NHTI faculty take on the student dorms!
*The events listed above are free and open to the public. Donations are accepted and encouraged, with proceeds going to support NHTI’s Zech Devits Scholarship and provision of assistive technology for students with disabilities.

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