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Holiday Senior Care Tips

The smell of decadent foods wafting throughout the house can only mean one thing – Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

The holiday season is a time to give thanks, make memories and share treats as you join together with family and friends. It’s also an opportunity to check in with your loved ones to make sure that they are living safely, comfortably and that their changing needs are still being met.

As we age, we begin to face new challenges in everyday tasks that maybe we hadn’t before. While you are visiting home, try to determine if Mom is still able to shower on her own. Is Dad still remembering to take his medications? These personal care practices can be critical signs in determining if additional support in the home is needed.

More than 4,000 individuals over age 65 who live in their own homes were asked whether they have any difficultly with daily activities. Some reported that they couldn’t get out of bed, clean themselves or prepare meals on their own. About 31% of those interviewed reported having unmet needs in the past month. (National Health & Aging Trends Study)

To make sure your family members are living well, use this time together to really evaluate their needs, lifestyle and safety. When you go to your family member’s house for a holiday visit, be mindful of signs that may indicate a need for assistance:

  • Are there fresh items in the refrigerator or are the products expired?
  • Are there stacks of unpaid bills on the table?
  • Are areas of the home clean and tidy or are things dirty and dusty?
  • Is the individual confused about activities and events?
  • Can you notice anything that might be dangerous to the individual? (g. leaving a burner on, loose throw rugs, unsecured railings)

The holiday season is the perfect time to show love and compassion. Use this time to start conversations with your loved ones about their needs and options for in-home senior care. It’s also a great chance to look for ways you can make their home safer. Right now, the best gift for your grandparents may just be a nightlight for the bedroom or a grab bar by the tub! A little help can go a long way.

GSIL is happy to provide guidance and evaluate your home care and senior care options at no charge to you. We specialize in helping families coordinate service programs that ensure your loved ones are safe and continue to experience a high quality of life as they age.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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