Welcome to the hub for Granite State Independent Living’s Home Care Attendants. Here you will find helpful information and resources.

New applicants, as well as current and former GSIL attendant care employees looking for hours must complete this application:  Begin Your Form Here

The GSIL Registry: A fast and easy way to find the hours you are looking for. Registry information and a sample listing is available here: GSIL Registry Details

New Hire Packet:

  • New Hire Packet – A comprehensive New Hire Packet.  If you are hiring a worker who does not currently work for GSIL, this New Hire Packet contains the necessary paperwork for that process. *The New Hire Packet can now be completed online, only requiring 10 pages to be printed. Please refer to the Online Hire Packet User Guide to read more about the benefits and online instructions.

Ankota Information

ACE Clock in-out REMINDER 10-15-2020



User Guide for Ankota

Information about Ankota 07-02-2020

OSHA Information

OSHA Flyer
OSHA training dates

Information Regarding Covid-19

Stipend Payment Schedule
Stipend Calendar 02-10-2021

New Information 

December 2020
COVID vaccination process 12-30-2020
Stipends for live-in Family members 12-6-2020

November 2020
Holiday Travel 11-6-2020

September 2020
Memo from the Task Force 9-3-2020

August 2020
Mask Update 7-31-2020

July 2020
Update from the Task Force 7-2-2020

May 2020
Long Term Care Stabilization Program UPDATE 5-27-2020
Update from the Task Force 5-7-2020
Covid Mask Guidance 5-1-2020

April 2020
Message from GSIL’s CEO Deb Ritcey 4-30-2020
ACE Stipend Info 4-30-2020
COVID-19 and Adult Malnutrition 4-23-2020
COVID-19 Long Term Care Stabilization Program 4-20-2020
Update from the Task Force 4-15-2020
Information about Stipend for Health Care Workers 4.15.2020
Updated information from GSIL 4-8-2020
COVID-19 update from Concord Hospital 04-07-20
Memo Regarding Use of Masks 4-7-2020
CDC – DIY Cloth Face Covering Instructions 4-6-20
Convenient MD – Virtual Urgent Care 4-3-20

March 2020
COVID-19 Fact or Myth? 3-29-2020
COVID-19 Guide 3-27-2020

Other Information
COVID-19 Caregiver Training
Understanding the Coronavirus

ACE Longevity Bonus

New Applicants, Current & Former GSIL Attendant Care Employees:

Thank you for your interest in attendant care worker positions or additional hours with GSIL.

Learn more about the differences between Consumer Directed and Agency Directed programs.






Resources and Information on Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention

Comments and Suggestions:

We Listen to our Attendant Care Employees!  We would like to hear from you about any and everything you would like to tell us as it relates to your position with GSIL!

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If you are not currently a GSIL Home Care Attendant, and you are interested in becoming one please begin your application here or call us directly at (603) 717-0817. If you are already a GSIL Home Care Attendant and your availability has changed or you are looking for more hours, please update and submit your availability here. With over 800 Home Care Attendants currently employed by GSIL, we are one of the largest employers of Home Care Attendants in the State of New Hampshire. Every employee at Granite State Independent Living knows how important expert care and compassion is.

Please see our home care job listings for currently available positions. Other positions may be available but not yet posted, so if you are interested in learning more please contact us today.