Dave Petrangelo
Dave Petrangelo

Joined Granite State Independent Living in 2006

Dave currently works as the VP of Facilities and Technology at Granite State Independent Living (GSIL). Dave and his team support all the Facility and Technology needs of GSIL as well as the infamous “other duties as assigned” that make up our day.

Dave has been in the IT field for 25+ years and is always striving to learn something new in this ever-changing field. Other than Tech, Dave does have a soft spot for animals and has volunteered a decade of his life at animal shelters.

Dave currently resides in Boscawen, NH. He enjoys long walks on the moonlit beach and talking about his feelings. No, no he doesn’t. Why would you think that? Always sarcastic, quippy and dedicated, Dave does like to think out of the box and make sure that GSIL is a healthy organization.

Dave Petrangelo
Vice President of Information Technology and Facilities

email: dpetrangelo@gsil.org

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