Larry Smukler
Board Member

New Hampshire Superior Court Associate Justice (Retired), Artist – Resides in Concord, NH: Larry was a NH Superior Court judge for 23 years before he retired in 2015. Since then, he has served in senior status and returned to school at Maine Media College, where he earned an MFA in 2019. Before his appointment as a judge, Larry was an attorney specializing in public utility law. In that capacity, he served as assistant counsel to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and counsel to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Following his relocation to New Hampshire, Larry was a research fellow at the Franklin Pierce Law Center (now UNH Law), general counsel to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, Senior Assistant Attorney General, and Chairman of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, where he was serving when he was appointed to the bench. Larry earned a BS in psychology and an M Ed in counseling from Penn State University, a JD (cum laude) from Temple University School of Law and an MFA from Maine Media College. He is currently living with his family, pursuing a post-degree fellowship at Maine Media, and making art in Concord, New Hampshire.