Iris Polley
Board Member

Sobriety through Photography– Resides in Hinsdale, NH:

Iris Polley, faithful GSIL consumer since 2008, after a car accident placed her in the drivers seat of a wheelchair. She lives independently (thanks to GSIL) in her home with 2 felines: MacyGrae, and LilyAllen, and 2 young rats (Beyoncé and Adele) in training as therapy animals.

Iris is a 1986 Texas ATM BS in Sociology grad, with over 20yrs working in mental health and addictions with adults and children. She was self employed as a massage therapist until her accident.

She, is currently an active volunteer with the Monadnock Humane Society, assisting in dog therapy training. She is active in her community, enjoys reading, concerts, cooking for her partner (Jenny), is involved in adaptive skiing and kayaking, loves time outdoors, peer mentoring, nature photography, learning about health, animal welfare and ADA advocacy