We are able to speak and think with authority on behalf of the people we serve and support because we are led by a board of directors and staff of which over 51% are people with disabilities.


Chair – L. Eric Schlepphorst, MD (2020-2)
1st Vice Chair – Ken Traum (2022-2)
2nd Vice Chair – Liza Colby (2020-2)
Treasurer/Secretary – Geoffrey Souther (2020-1)

Iris Polley (2022-1)

Dave Qualey (2022-1)
Larry Smukler (2022-1)
Carol Conforti-Adams (2020-1)
Mike Byrne (2021-1)
Rev. Edward L. Costa Jr (2021-1)
Jaroslaw Hecka (2021-1)
Theo Vougias (2022-2)
Kevin Ennis (2022-1)
Traci McHugh (2022-1)