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3 Ways to Manage Stress as You Age

“I’m so stressed, I can’t wait to retire.”

We’ve all¬†thought it, right?

Some might think that being retired means that one faces hardly any stress. After all, people must work long hours for several years before they are allowed the privilege of retirement. However, retirement is not stress-free relaxation all day long. Stress can still originate from relationships, finances, and retirement itself.  Suddenly having so much free time can be overwhelming to some people accustomed to working every day.

Effective stress management leads to better health and well-being. This is especially important once people retire from their careers. Here are some stress reducing techniques you can utilize to remain healthy throughout your senior years.


While stress triggers a fight or flight response, meditation affects the body in the exact opposite way by triggering its relaxation response. Meditation restores the body to a calm state and helps prevent new damage from the physical effects of stress. Research has shown that those who practice meditation regularly recover from stressful situations more easily and experience less stress in the future. They also have improved blood pressure and a stronger immune system. People with physical limitations may find meditation easier to practice than other forms of exercise. Plus, no special equipment is required. Click here to learn how meditation can help you.

Cognitive Puzzles

You may have heard how working on crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or Jumbles provide mental stimulation. Well, it is absolutely true. By giving your brain regular exercise, you keep your cognitive functions sharp and focused while increasing your creativity skills. These games also provide helpful distraction for when you are dealing with a particularly stressful situation.


Some experts suggest that the prevalence of stress in modern culture is due to the lack of outlets for relieving pent up frustration and anxiety. This is especially true in deadline-driven office environments. Yoga combines many popular stress reducing techniques including exercise, learning to control your breathing, and relaxing your body. More and more businesses are sponsoring yoga fitness programs after witnessing the positive effects it has on their workers. As you age, yoga remains a good choice for exercise due to its compatibility with all skill levels and fitness goals. Several websites and videos exist to help you create a customized yoga routine.

All of these techniques combine to create happier, healthier people. Try to incorporate some of them into your day to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Maybe you can even get your loved ones to try them with you!

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