Apply for Ticket to Work Employment Assistance

NH Ticket to Work Employment AssistanceGSIL is a certified Employment Network in New Hampshire for the Social Security Ticket to Work program. We can assist NH Social Security benefits recipients, that meet the Ticket to Work guidelines...
  • Find a job and move forward with your career.
  • Increase your income and improve your finances.
  • Get help managing your Social Security benefits and other disability benefits.
  • Get gas cards to help cover your new expenses of going to work.
  • Get help even if you're already employed.
This is a voluntary program to help NH Social Security benefits recipients gain employment in NH and earn enough money to transition off Social Security benefits.

If you are eligible for assistance with finding employent in NH through our Ticket to Work program, you will we be able to receive gas cards to offset your commuting costs once you return to work.

To get started and learn more about these services today, please fill out as much as possible of our Ticket to Work application below, or you can contact us at 603-518-4600 for assistance.

Personal Information

Do you receive Social Security benefits?

Are you between the ages of 18 and 64?

Contact Information

Background Information

Have you ever worked with New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation services?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Do you have your own transportation?